At White Clean Ltd, we believe that our clients are much more than ordinary consumers or service purchasers. We consider each and every client to be a true partner, to whom we are both grateful and accountable for our performance. We actively encourage all of our clients to share any complaints or feedback they may have in relation to any aspect of our service, as part of our duty to constantly improve our service.

Our private clients include families and individuals from a unique variety of different professional and cultural backgrounds. Our residential clients include landlords, solicitors, chartered accountants, recruitment specialists, managers, travel agents and many other professionals.
The typical kinds of clients who regularly rely on our services in the course of business include:

• Small/Medium companies
• Estate Agents
• Property Developers
• Building contractors
• Interior designers
• Plumbing engineers
• Electricians
• Showrooms
• Gyms
• Political Party Offices
• Auto repair Garages
• Mortgage brokers
• Conveyancing solicitors